nature endangered by the modern world

by Paola Lesslhumer

"The heart of mother nature is in the rainforest Amazon, Brazil. 13 % indigenous land and 9 % indigenous population are referred as the guardians of the rainforest. They are protecting the origin of the world. Our world.  

But the rainforest and its population are seriously threatened: the government of the president Bolsonaro supports the deforestation and the killing. Areas in the size of a soccer field disappear every minute and are replaced by plantations or pastures. The forest, the community, the culture - it is their life, their souls."
Paola Lesslhumer

Linz, 2021.

Paola Lesslhumer studies Informationsdesign at FH Joanneum in Graz. 

Through projects such as "Kids of the forest - nature endangered by the modern world" and "Welcome to heaven - let's talk about human rights" she presents photography and illustrations.

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